"It's a good life if you can get it!" 

I am a follower of Jesus. A flawed man in love with Jesus - constantly struggling with trying to represent my gracious, amazing Lord and Savior better. I fail often but am constantly aware and so thankful that His grace is sufficient and that His work in me is always ongoing. And confident in the promise that He WILL complete it. I am a husband to a wife I don't deserve and though I was not wise enough to know that she was perfect for me and this music life I would choose… God was. And in one of those things that God does that I simply can’t wrap my head around - He took our wrong choices, and turned it into a life with “rooms filled with rare and beautiful treasures.” Only He can do that. I am a father to two incredible young ladies who make me proud in every way - especially all the important ways. The way they live, the way they love and pursue Jesus, the way they love people, how they carry themselves and are out there changing the world one student-athlete at a time as they coach and teach. I am a musician who often says “It’s a good life if you can get it” out here doing what I love for a living for most of my adult life. I am a songwriter. And apparently - a book writer - haha! I am also the brother of Joey and had the blessing of being his caregiver for most of my adult life - and he may very well be the best part of this whole story. I miss him so so much… but I WILL see him again - thank you Jesus :-)
Now - as for what folks usually call a "BIO..."
Scott Sean White is a songwriter living in Poetry, Texas, who splits his time between the Texas and Nashville songwriting communities. A staff writer with Steve Bloch in Nashville, he has been been making the 1300+ mile roundtrip commute to Nashville once or twice a month for 15 years now. Gary Chapman recorded three of Scott’s songs on his last record in 2015. Scott won the BW Stevenson Songwriting Contest at Poor David’s Pub in 2011, the Rusty Wier Singer/Songwriter Contest at Love & War in Texas in 2014, placed 2nd in the Songwriter Serenade in Texas in 2019, was also one of the 32 New Folk Finalists in the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival in 2019. Before diving completely into country music songwriting-wise in 2005, he wrote and produced hip-hop and R&B for almost 20 years in the Dallas area. He had some of those songs - that he co-wrote and/or produced - placed in movies like TWO FOR THE MONEY with Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey, THE HOT CHICK with Rob Schneider and various TV shows and movies on ABC, NBC, CBS, FX, A&E and more. 
But make no mistake - his heart is in writing country songs. He grew up in the sticks in a very dysfunctional home in Kerrville, Texas, so he has always had stories to tell. When he reached his mid-thirties, he wanted to start to tell those stories - and hip/hop and R&B didn't really provide the right avenue :-) So he started his road into Nashville and country music in 2005 and by 2007 he was signed by Liz Morin at Encore Entertainment.
He would probably list his songwriting influences/idols as people like Tony Lane, Tom Douglas, Bobby Pinson, Walt Wilkins, and Travis Meadows… but the list would be somewhat endless as he just loves good songs in general no matter the genre. Folks like Shane McAnally (and crew) and Luke Laird (and crew) are also near the top of the list of writers/producers he keeps an eye and ear on for the craft. 
As for his personal life - he has been married to the strongest, hardest working woman he has ever known for 29 years and they have two amazing daughters so his family and faith show up often in his lyrics and stories. 

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