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A lot of folks know, but some don’t… I’ve been working on a new record :-) My sophomore studio album. And it’s called EVEN BETTER ON THE BAD DAYS. It’s being produced by a Grammy nominated friend of mine named Dave Brainard who produced Brandy Clark’s “12 STORIES” album among others! It has 10 new songs on it - including one I wrote with Radney Foster! Wha?? Now, it ain’t cheap to hire someone like Dave to produce a record and pay all the musicians and mixing engineer and mastering and all that… but Brenda and I have managed to pay for that part ourselves. (We only had to rob 3 banks haha! Jk!)


But - like last time - I need help with all the other stuff that goes with releasing a record the way you should. So - this Tuesday, March 7th, I am launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to (hopefully) raise the money we need for a PR company, social media team, social media advertising, videos, etc. 


I’m reaching out because you - even with a small donation - might be able to have a HUGE impact on whether or not this Kickstarter thing succeeds. Kickstarter is an ALL OR NOTHING platform haha. We either hit the goal… or we get NOTHING. 


So - like last time, back in 2020 - I added up the bare minimum for what we absolutely HAVE to get done, and made that the initial goal. This time - that total is $25k. To do EVERYTHING in the best way possible - it’ll actually be more like $40k. Ouch. That’s more than the album cost us to MAKE. 


To accomplish even just the first goal of $25k, I’m going to need all the Kickstarter backers I can get. There are 12 donation/reward tiers from as little as $15 all the way up to $7500. EVERY LITTLE BIT helps! You can also donate and receive no reward if you like - there’s an option for that, too.


Also - and this is very important as well - how the campaign starts in the first 48 hours determines if Kickstarter’s algorithms kick in and cause them to feature it on their front pages of projects to support. Momentum matters! They want to get behind projects that are doing great. So if you can throw that support in Monday or Tuesday - that will be a huge help as well!

Click here to go to my Kickstarter project pre-launch page, then click “Notify me on launch” - You will then be notified Tuesday when it goes live and you can make a donation anytime after that!

The album should be coming out sometime in July or maybe August and the first single should be out sometime in May!


Thank you for reading this - I know it's kinda long. And thank you for considering it. I’m going to go out here and try to make an impact with these songs and this story God has given me. And no matter what level you end up pitching in at (even if you can't do anything) - THANK YOU for supporting me and this record already!



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