Mar 6, 2020

- That Jesse Raub, Jr cut - GOOD TIMES - went NUMBER ONE on the Texas Regional Radio Report Feb 21st!!! Thank you Jesse for recording it and thank you Kyle Level for letting me write that one with ya!!

- The Bluebird Cafe show on Feb 28 was simply amazing! Doug Johnson, Ryan Larkins, and Helene Cronin killed it! Been playing there for probably a dozen years now but it never gets old. 

- The artist that was recording 3 of my songs in the last update... recorded a FOURTH! God is good! As soon as I can tell ya who - I will! He ain't famous yet... but he might be soon! :-)

- And someone who IS already famous might be recording a song or two of mine here in the next few weeks.... so we'll see!! I'll keep ya updated!

Feb 12, 2020

Well let's see...

- As of Feb 7th, 2020, my song GOOD TIMES written with Kyle Level and recorded by my friend Jesse Raub, Jr was at #3 on the Texas Regional Radio Report and... still climbing :-)

- I have at least 3 more songs getting recorded on a major independent label in Nashville as we speak :-) Whether or not they end up on a record... always remains to be seen until you can buy it at Walmart! LOL!

- I put almost 6000 miles on my Ford Edge in 29 days starting Jan 12 haha!

- my wife is still amazingly awesome! :-)

Oct 3, 2019

My last update was in June?? Bless my heart. 


Well let's see - ​​

1 - Someone famous has recorded one of my songs. That's all I can say at the moment :-) God is



​2 - I have Jesse Raub's current single at Texas Radio called GOOD TIMES that I wrote with Kyle​ Level years ago! Jesse has had four #1 songs in Texas... hoping for this to be his fifth!

3 - I was a SWRFA 2019 Official Showcase Performer last week in Austin! SWRFA was awesome!!

4 - I am starting to play more house concerts which I am very excited about!​​

5 - My wife is still amazingly awesome.

I think that sums it up! More news to come!! I'll try not to wait 4 months....


June 18, 2019

Man - I need to do a better job of updating this

section LOL! Well - let's see... I got 2nd place in ​

the Songwriter Serenade to an AMAZING writer -

Justin Farren - so I didn't mind AT ALL! Y'all should

check him out! But even more importantly - the

weekend and the whole event was just good for​

the soul :-) Songwriters and people who love song-

writers and song... are just great people :-)

And then - I did the Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk

thing and I hate to sound like a broken record but... it

was CRAZY AWESOME! I didn't get chosen as one of

the 6 "winners" but that was no biggie! The weekend

and the people and the song circles at night... again... ​

good for the soul!​

Made some new fans at both events and picked up

some house concerts and industry friends so I hope

to see y'all out there more soon!!​​

Apr 19, 2019...

A couple of AMAZING things have happened in the

last month!!! ​

First - I found out that I am one of the 15 finalists in

the prestigious Songwriter Serenade Contest in

Moravia, TX held May 3-5 with the big concert on Sat

May 4!! This is such an honor and I can't wait to go

hang out and meet everyone and hear 3 days of great



Second - I just found out on Monday that I also am

one of the 32 finalists in the world famous Kerrville

New Folk Contest and will be performing at that on

Sat May 25 at 1pm! Again - a weekend full of great

songs and songwriters! Can't wait! Thank you to both

of these events for including me!

Dec 19, 2018...

Well - I finally have time to put something here in the "latest news" section AND I actually HAVE SOMETHING to put here! :-) 

I owned, ran, managed, and played keyboards in the Dallas based party band Professor D for 29 years. On Nov 8 - I sold the business and dove head first into writing songs full-time!!!!!!!!!!!! Whew LOL. Scary stuff. But awesome stuff. Life stuff. Excited for what God has in store around the bend :-) 

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