Texas-Nashville Songwriter, Producer, Jesus Follower (not in that order)
I hate this part but apparently if I wanna do this performing songwriter thing - I gotta tell you about stuff like...
- My song GOOD TIMES written with Kyle Level and recorded by my friend Jesse Raub, Jr went #1 on the Texas Regional Radio Report Feb 21st!! 
- Kerrville New Folk Finalist 2019
- Songwriter Serenade Finalist and 2nd place winner
- SWRFA 2019 Official Showcase performer
- Staff songwriter in Nashville
- Rusty Wier Songwriter Contest Winner
- BW Stevenson Songwriter Contest Winner
- Regular performer at Bluebird Cafe in Nashville
So... book me :-) I will come play for ya!!!

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Updated show schedule!!

Sunday June 14 - 4pm! Opening for WADE BOWEN at Love and War in Texas - Plano, TX

Friday June 19 - 3pm - Facebook Live on Scott Sean White Songs page!

Wednesday June 24 - 8:30pm - Facebook Live on Scott Sean White Songs page!


Apr 3, 2020

Well - obviously we are all in the middle of this coronovirus phenomenon :-( BUT - on the good news side of things - it's giving me some time to start working on my own record which is a project I've talked about starting for over a year and always wondered "WHERE IN THE WORLD WILL I FIND THE TIME TO DO THAT?!?" LOL! Well... I guess God gave me an answer :-)


Another blessing out of all this is that this is BY FAR the LONGEST time I have been at home in the 31 years I've been with my wife Brenda (married 29.5)! And the craziest coolest part of that?? SHE STILL LOVES ME AND HASN'T ASKED TO DIVORCE ME LOLOLOLOL!!! So all you people who said maybe our marriage has survived because I'm not around long enough for her to get tired of me.... WHAT NOW?!? :-)


Life is good. Strange but good. Crazy but good. Taking some adjusting to get used to... but good. Miss y'all! Hope to see you SOON!!!! Stay safe - STAY HOME!

Mar 6, 2020

- That Jesse Raub, Jr cut - GOOD TIMES - went NUMBER ONE on the Texas Regional Radio Report Feb 21st!!! Thank you Jesse for recording it and thank you Kyle Level for letting me write that one with ya!!

- The Bluebird Cafe show on Feb 28 was simply amazing! Doug Johnson, Ryan Larkins, and Helene Cronin killed it! Been playing there for probably a dozen years now but it never gets old. 

- The artist that was recording 3 of my songs in the last update... recorded a FOURTH! God is good! As soon as I can tell ya who - I will! He ain't famous yet... but he might be soon! :-)

- And someone who IS already famous might be recording a song or two of mine here in the next few weeks.... so we'll see!! I'll keep ya updated!

Feb 12, 2020

Well let's see...

- As of Feb 7th, 2020, my song GOOD TIMES written with Kyle Level and recorded by my friend Jesse Raub, Jr was at #3 on the Texas Regional Radio Report and... still climbing :-)

- I have at least 3 more songs getting recorded on a major independent label in Nashville as we speak :-) Whether or not they end up on a record... always remains to be seen until you can buy it at Walmart! LOL!

- I put almost 6000 miles on my Ford Edge in 29 days starting Jan 12 haha!

- my wife is still amazingly awesome! :-)

Oct 3, 2019

My last update was in June?? Bless my heart. 


Well let's see - ​​

1 - Someone famous has recorded one of my songs. That's all I can say at the moment :-) God is



​2 - I have Jesse Raub's current single at Texas Radio called GOOD TIMES that I wrote with Kyle​ Level years ago! Jesse has had four #1 songs in Texas... hoping for this to be his fifth!

3 - I was a SWRFA 2019 Official Showcase Performer last week in Austin! SWRFA was awesome!!

4 - I am starting to play more house concerts which I am very excited about!​​

5 - My wife is still amazingly awesome.

I think that sums it up! More news to come!! I'll try not to wait 4 months....


June 18, 2019

Man - I need to do a better job of updating this

section LOL! Well - let's see... I got 2nd place in ​

the Songwriter Serenade to an AMAZING writer -

Justin Farren - so I didn't mind AT ALL! Y'all should

check him out! But even more importantly - the

weekend and the whole event was just good for​

the soul :-) Songwriters and people who love song-

writers and song... are just great people :-)

And then - I did the Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk

thing and I hate to sound like a broken record but... it

was CRAZY AWESOME! I didn't get chosen as one of

the 6 "winners" but that was no biggie! The weekend

and the people and the song circles at night... again... ​

good for the soul!​

Made some new fans at both events and picked up

some house concerts and industry friends so I hope

to see y'all out there more soon!!​​

Apr 19, 2019...

A couple of AMAZING things have happened in the

last month!!! ​

First - I found out that I am one of the 15 finalists in

the prestigious Songwriter Serenade Contest in

Moravia, TX held May 3-5 with the big concert on Sat

May 4!! This is such an honor and I can't wait to go

hang out and meet everyone and hear 3 days of great



Second - I just found out on Monday that I also am

one of the 32 finalists in the world famous Kerrville

New Folk Contest and will be performing at that on

Sat May 25 at 1pm! Again - a weekend full of great

songs and songwriters! Can't wait! Thank you to both

of these events for including me!

Dec 19, 2018...

Well - I finally have time to put something here in the "latest news" section AND I actually HAVE SOMETHING to put here! :-) 

I owned, ran, managed, and played keyboards in the Dallas based party band Professor D for 29 years. On Nov 8 - I sold the business and dove head first into writing songs full-time!!!!!!!!!!!! Whew LOL. Scary stuff. But awesome stuff. Life stuff. Excited for what God has in store around the bend :-) 

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