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“Some songwriters spend precious time struggling to find their truth and make it rhyme. Others just pick up their guitar and tell it. Scott Sean White is one of the others.”

- Jack Ingram

Praise for "Even Better on the Bad Days":

“…Powerful thinking and writing at its very best… a contender for album of the year”

- Lesley Hastings, Country Lowdown


“There isn’t a weak song in the bunch, not a sour note or blemish on a pear. All tunes are appetizers. The compositions have relevance. No filler. Great album, period.”

- John Apice, Americana Highways


“…this album is captivating, homely, it is full of strength and generosity of spirit, but above all, besides all the elements that make music a thing of beauty, this set is honest, purposeful and without unnecessary embellishment…

…there’s a clear conviction that resonates through this latest effort, one that stirs the soul with faith, reverence, and an unwavering belief that there’s a higher purpose and power.”

- Alan Cackett


“Musically, his songs are as captivating as they are moving because they contain a certain honest, everyman elegance… (and) his lyrics contain candor, conviction, and faith that can captivate the careful listener.”

- Will Phoenix


Praise for "Call It Even":

“Call It Even is White’s first full-length release and speaks to his ability to craft songs that are both melodically inviting and emotionally engaging.”


“…evoking the power and raw honesty of Michael McDermott.”


“It’s an even bet, this could end up on your 2021 best of.”


Mike Davies of 


“Scott sheds the trappings of commercial mediocrity.” 


“Vocally, White’s exceptional. Lyrically sharp, melodically masterful & unfortunately beyond what today’s country radio is accustomed to salivating over. This is where Country music should be. But they’re too preoccupied with the freeze-dried instant satisfaction that only comes when the songs adhere to formulas that pigeon-hole modern country. White is head & shoulders above that saccharine. The guy is good. Period.”


“The songs explore the human soul when it touches upon another life separate from your own. The outcast, loner, the misunderstood. Each is soulfully invested in worn-out lives, & nostalgic moments. Many of White’s songs are riveting. Filled with an emotional vulnerability, not pulp.”


“This is the kind of CD I like to receive because it's worth the time. This was a pleasure.”


“One of the year’s best for sure.”

John Apice of Americana Highways


“When one lives in town with the name of Poetry, TX he/she needs to live up to that name, not that it is reserved for poets, writers, and songwriters but it would be fitting. Singer-songwriter Scott Sean White does just that on his debut, Call It Even. It’s not that White is new to songwriting either, having already garnered praise from fellow Texan Jack Ingram and several members of the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. White is a natural-born storyteller as he reveals in these eleven tunes…”


Jim Hynes of Glide Magazine


“Sometimes, amid all the highly promoted, big label releases from established country artists, a gem of an album which is the total antithesis of all those things is brought to my attention. And that’s exactly what happened a few months ago with the release of the self-produced debut album “Call It Even“ from singer/songwriter Scott Sean White.”


“The arrangements are beautiful and varied, and totally sympathetic to the lyrics which he has wisely ensured are always kept centre stage and given room to breath. Scott sings as he writes, deep from his very soul, and throughout the album his lead vocals are complimented beautifully by some gorgeous harmonies provided by a host of both male and female vocalists including fellow Texans Jon Randall and Bonnie Bishop.”


“Alongside his family, and of course often inextricably linked, human nature in all its forms and with all its idiosyncrasies… is woven in some way into all the album tracks…”


“…his strong Christian faith and beliefs are another integral part of his writing…”


“…it’s a debut which has definitely set the bar very high for whatever he has planned for the future…”


Lesley Hastings of 


“Call It Even (is) perfect for 2021. The unintentional theme of hope weaves its way through the album, which also touches on kindness and resiliency. Basically, everything we need to hear and be reminded of these days.”


“If you don’t mind your heartstrings being tugged at and maybe a few tears rolling down your cheeks, you’ll surely appreciate the sentimental and strong new song and video from Scott Sean White, “Dad’s Garage & Mama’s Kitchen.” Even if — or especially if — you’re hurting from the loss of a parent, White’s deft delivery of good old-fashioned feelings and loving nostalgia for everything about parents will get you where you live.”


“Listen to his new album, Call It Even, and you’ll see what fellow Texan Jack Ingram means when he says: “Some songwriters spend precious time struggling to find their truth and make it rhyme. Others just pick up their guitar and tell it. Scott Sean White is one of the others.” And you have only to listen to the song “Humankind” off the new record to have the point driven home.”


Cowboys and Indians Magazine 


Songwriters on Scott Sean White

“I think God gives us art to penetrate the scar tissue on our hearts to make us feel something again. Scott Sean White uses artistry and craft for that very purpose. Sometimes his songs are beautiful. Sometimes they are painful. But it is a beautiful pain that makes us know we are alive. I’m a fan.” - Tom Douglas (The House That Built Me - Miranda Lambert)

"I had the pleasure of playing in my hometown at the Tybee Island Songwriters Festival a while back with Scott Sean White and was thrilled to find out he was releasing a collection of songs entitled Call It Even. Wow. What a great record. To a one, they are good messages delivered with a refreshingly pared-down production, allowing the lyrics and the story to shine. I love one-word titles and “Famous” caught my eye and my first listen. It proved a great twist on the obvious meaning and, again, was presented in a no-frills manner. Thank you, Scott, for reminding me of the power of the understatement.” - Tony Arata (The Dance - Garth Brooks)

“An incredibly good man with a great gift! Heart, soul, humor and faith is where real songs come from. Do yourself a favor and check this record and these songs out.” - Doug Johnson (Three Wooden Crosses - Randy Travis)

“Scott Sean White isn’t afraid to write what he knows. He has made something very personal with this record and when a songwriter is being honest like that, you get drawn in. Excited for everyone to hear what he’s created.” - Barry Dean (Diamond Rings and Old Barstools - Tim McGraw)

“From the deep ache of the first track to the heart and redemption of the last - every song on this album is another reminder why I’ve always loved Scott Sean White. Genuine people of faith reach for the light but show grace to those suffering in the shadow. These songs remind the believer and embrace the drifter. These songs matter.” - Lisa Carver (Nashville Legend)

“Scott is, indeed, a rare find. His ability to craft a song which moves a heart is simply amazing but takes a back seat to who he is as a man. I’m honored to call him my friend and always get fired up when he has a new one. This project is full of gems, revealing new facets with every listen.”​ - Gary Chapman (My Father's Eyes - Amy Grant)

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