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"We hosted Scott for a house concert in Alabama. His music, stories, and personality are engaging, real, emotional, and at times, inspirational. The musical mix of guitar and keyboard is also entertaining and became part of the story itself. We enjoyed the time he spent with us and our guests immensely, and we gained a friend in the process."

  • Rob in Fairhope, AL

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"The night was amazing and more magical than I could imagine. His storytelling through songwriting will move you heart and soul."

  • Shannon, Flower Mound, TX

"...nothing short of captivating, leaving our audience deeply moved and thoroughly entertained. Scott's ability to connect with his audience through his heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies is truly a rare gift."

  • Sandee in Key West, FL

"We have had Scott Sean White 5 times now at our home for a house concert. Every year more and more people show up at our house just to hear him that we had to move it outside!"

  • Ted Needham, Lafayette, GA

"The neighbors and friends we invited over are still talking about how good the Concert was. And the stories Scott tells about each song . . . Unbelievable! Can’t wait to find a time to have him back in Alabama. War Eagle!"

  • Andy, Lake Martin, AL

"I've hosted 4 house concerts with Scott. Our groups have ranged from about 25 for an indoor concert to 55 people poolside. He has established a local fan base who enthusiastically return. Scott makes it so easy to host a house concert... we provide a space and invite people, and he does everything else. We all leave with hearts filled with joy."

  • Connie Turner, Maeystown, IL

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Want to host your own house concert?
Here's how...

1 - We find a date that works for both of us.

2 - You invite friends and family and neighbors and ask for a $20-$25/person donation that all goes the the artist (me.)

3 - You have it in a big room in your house or maybe your back yard - or - folks have even had it at their church or community center. Really - anywhere!

4 - You can provide snacks or make it a potluck and have folks arrive about an hour before the music starts.

5 - I bring my little PA and I play songs and tell stories for a couple hours. I sell CDs and vinyl and t-shirts and hats - and between that and the donations and tips… I make a decent amount of money and get to keep doing this!

If the donations thing doesn’t work for you - we can also talk about a guarantee so your guests don’t pay anything. I am super flexible!

Any other questions - just email me at 

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